Angry Customer Thinks It’s Ok To Assault Worker. Quickly Finds Himself In A World Of Hurt

If you’re like me, sometimes the little things in life frustrate you. Perhaps, it’s unexpected traffic, a loud neighbor, or someone who pulls in front of you without using their turn signal. Whatever it is, we’re only human. A little frustration is as normal as apple pie. But when the frustration builds and builds and we don’t release it, the emotion morphs into something stronger. It might turn into resentment or contempt or in severe cases, rage could erupt. As you’ll see in the clip, one angry customer unleashes his pent up emotions on the fast food clerk who upset him. But instead of taking the abuse from the customer, the employee shut down the angry customer in the best way possible. Watch this LiveLeak clip now!

By the time the video is being recorded, the argument has already started. The two men are shouting and pointing at each other. The fight is about to get heated.

That’s when the angry customer leaps up onto the counter and takes a lunging swing at the clerk. But instead of getting the direct hit he expected, the angry customers missed. That’s when the fast food clerk throws a punch of his own. But instead of missing the man’s face, his punch lands true. You can hear the slap of skin on skin in the clip.

But after the direct hit, something unexpected happens. The angry customer falls back and lands with a thud onto the tile floor. His buddies stand by and let him regain himself. But everyone there knowns that he made a fool of himself losing the fight to the fast food cashier.

As you’ll see, the instigator takes a few seconds. His friends try to offer him a hand, but he refuses. He can’t look any weaker than he does already, he thinks. If he takes their hand, then he’s showing that he is not really that strong. And a bully like that can never admit that he is not strong. Because on the day he admits that, he is no longer a bully.

After taking the punch to the face and landing on the tile floor, the angry customer looks dazed. He might have suffered a head injury. Perhaps, he got a concussion from the fall and the punch.

Either way, this clip has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Hundreds of people have shared comments about the clip on Here are a few of the most popular:

“When you order a Whopper and you get it,” shared one viewer.

“This is why having a governmental police force is so dangerous. They are the footsoldiers foundational to violent distribution of wealth – taxation – that spreads this corruption and irrational policies,” shared a politically motivated commentator.

“Not only did he see the stars but for a moment it looked like he was reaching for them as well.”

“Guess he wanted a knuckle sandwich off the dollar menu.”

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