Small Boy Locks Eyes With Tap Instructor On Stage Right Before They Start Lighting It Up

Luke Spring, a tap dancing protégé, stood all alone on a stage dressed in a crisp white shirt, black tie, and black dress pants. But soon, an adult teacher walked out, dressed almost similarly, and shook Luke’s hand.

Then, these two got down to business. The instructor is incredible, but just wait until you see this six-year-old show off his dance moves! He is amazing!

Luke was joined on stage by his highly esteemed dance teacher Justin M. Lewis. They geared up to wow the audience gathered at the D.C. Tap Festival.

Justin began dancing at five years of age; Luke was four. Both exhibited impressive talent at a young age, but Justin’s tap dancing has a contemporary dance flair to it.

He has danced professionally for years and loves shuffle-ball-changing with his adorable student Luke. They really enjoy performing together though.

You can tell that Luke is an amazing tap dancer and it’s hard to keep your eyes off him! Justin has a noticeable flair about him when he dances, employing flamboyant and impressive moves.

He is known professionally for his unique style of dance and he’s been working hard to pass his skill set along to Luke. The younger dancer is obviously a quick learner, because he has become known in professional circles for his impressive talent.

What’s unbelievable is that Luke matched Justin move for move until they had a dance-off of sorts in the middle of their routine. They both were so good that it was impossible to declare a winner.

Their routine kept right on trucking along until they threw in a move at the end that had the crowd cheering wildly for them. Luke’s notoriety can be credited to YouTube, but even at his young age, he has graced stages in New York and appeared on national TV.

He is considered one of the best young dancers in the United States and Canada in not just tap, but also hip-hop, lyrical, and jazz. Thanks to his dance teacher Justin, Luke’s career likely will go quite far.

They not only are incredible to watch, but they’re fun, too! These two are truly awesome!

Check out these two amazingly talented dancers’ duet in the video below!