Actor Goes Up To Kids Selling Puppies, Chooses Dying Runt

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has played lots of villainous roles throughout his career, including famously playing one of the menacing antagonists in “The Walking Dead.” But in real life, Morgan is as nice can be. He’s also a big dog lover.

Morgan showed how much he loved dogs when he took a chance on a little runt who desperately needed help.

Morgan was walking on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, California when he noticed a group of kids selling puppies out of a cardboard box. Morgan approached them and asked about the dogs. They told him they were $300 each.

Morgan glanced at the puppies and noticed one was much tinier than the others.

The little puppy didn’t seem to be moving much, and it was clear she wasn’t doing well. Morgan asked about that puppy, and the kids said she most likely wouldn’t make it through the night. The actor reached into his pocket and found that all he had was $20. He gave the kids that money and took the dying puppy home with him—he was determined to save this tiny runt.

Morgan took the puppy to a veterinarian, who also told him the puppy probably wouldn’t make it—the vet said she was too young to be away from her mother. But Morgan didn’t let that stop him from doing everything he could to save this puppy.

Morgan cared for the puppy day and night, making sure she was healthy. Soon, the puppy had started growing. This little dog nobody thought would make it was going to be okay!

Back in 2009, Morgan went on “The Bonnie Hunt Show” and revealed more about how the dog’s first months went:

“I bottle fed her for a month, and she used to kiss her way around, which is how she got her name Bisou — it means ‘kiss’ in French.”

As the years went by, little Bisou grew into a happy, healthy dog who loves her dad more than anything.
Bisou also remained a fighter through her whole life. In 2009, her veterinarian found four tumors in her, one as large as two fists put together. The veterinarian said there was a good chance she wouldn’t live, but Bisou proved him wrong again. After having surgery to remove the tumors, Bisou was up and running around again in no time.
After twelve wonderful years together, Bisou sadly passed away from old age. Morgan was devastated by the loss, and he got a tattoo of Bisou’s name on his forearm to show how special she was to him.
Since losing Bisou, Morgan has given other dogs in need a loving, warm home. Now, he has a sweet white dog named Honeydog and a cute pup named Bandit.

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Morgan is a kind man who has given many dogs loving homes, including a tiny puppy named Bisou. Morgan makes sure these dogs get all the love and care they deserve!

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