88-Year-Old Veteran Rescues Woman From 5 Knife-Wielding Thugs, “Fear Is Not In My Vocabulary”

Hero alert! A military veteran came to the aid of a woman being attacked by five men with knives. If that’s not impressive, consider that he’s 88-years-old.

John Nixon is now being praised for his “extraordinary bravery” after he fought off the men who attempted to mug a woman. He told the Evening Standard that his military training, as a commando at the Achnacarry depot in the Highlands in the 1940s, plus his service in the Korean War, kicked in when he was in the face of danger.

He witnessed the attackers trying to steal the woman’s purse, saying, “My initial thoughts were to divert their attention away from the girl who was screaming. I shouted ‘leave her alone.’”

When that didn’t work, Nixon sprung into action, though he suffered a cut to his head and hands in the process. He noted: “But they turned on me, saying ‘We’ll take your money instead’ and I said ‘No you don’t.’”

Nixon continued: “My training kicked in. I landed a blow to his neck which rendered him semi-conscious. I disabled one but another one pulled out a knife so I had to try and deal with him too.”

It’s literally the stuff of a movie fight scene, with an unlikely hero saving the day. Nixon explained, “Fear is not in my dictionary.”

A spokesperson for the London Metropolitan Police spoke of Nixon’s act of heroism, saying, “A member of the public saw the altercation take place and intervened. The woman managed to run away but the man was attacked and suffered minor injuries.” No arrests have been made.

Those commenting on social media were rightfully impressed by Nixon’s fast action in the dangerous situation, with one person noting: “What an amazing story of bravery from a good Samaritan who just happened to have the right training and was willing to step in.” Another person echoed the impressive feats by the veteran, saying, “Some skills you never forget, great job!!”

Another commenter weighed in with the special training the man had, writing: “I think anyone who made it through the Scottish commando course is in a different league. French commandos still have bagpipers in honor of it.”

Others hoped that the man won’t be in any trouble for fighting back, as one person noted: “No arrests have been made. Says it all. I’m just surprised the cops didn’t arrest the old man for attacking the thugs. That would be par for the course in the UK today. Well done the old bloke.”

Another commenter saw this as an excellent example of protecting your community, noting: “I keep saying it that the more we all stick together as a community and fight back against this useless trash the less likely they will be to try attack people. When it starts becoming five of them against 1,000 of us because they know they will be beaten to death in the streets they will be less likely to attack!! We must not hesitate, we must stick together as a community and fight back and teach this filth manners!!”