5-Year-Old Steals Judges’ Hearts Before Belting Out Classic That Knocks Them Off Their Feet

A little girl with a big voice left all four judges on America’s Got Talent with their mouths hanging open once she began to sing. The always adorable five-year-old Sophie Fatu from Charleston, West Virginia, isn’t a stranger to the stage. She first appeared on Little Big Shots at the age of four and has an active YouTube channel featuring videos of her covering her favorite crooner Frank Sinatra. Her videos have gone viral and so has this little cutie’s AGT audition.

After performing “Fly Me to the Moon” on the Ellen Show, Sophie wanted more. So when she toddled out onto the AGT stage, people couldn’t stop oohing and aweing over her cuteness. When she begins to sing, judge Simon Cowell makes the most hilarious face when he realizes she’s no joke. He can’t contain his laughter and neither can Mel B who chuckles in disbelief as Sophie sings.

Sophie’s mom stands in the wings with host Tyra Banks covering her mouth in shock when she sees everyone’s responses to her daughter’s performance. Not even halfway through her audition, the crowd laughs, cheers and leaps to their feet applauding wildly. Simon has a silly moment and directs her like a conductor as she sings. Heidi can’t hold back her giggles and Howie does something so funny at the end of her performance, you have to see it for yourself. Watch the video below to enjoy Sophie’s audition – and to find out if it was good enough to move on to the next round!