4 Years After Son’s Tragic Death Mom Discovers Hidden Box In Closet That Chills Her To The Bone

Mother’s Day is the one special day in the entire year set aside to heap gratitude and love upon the women who we call Mom. Mary Alexander was blessed with two grown sons and looked forward to receiving Mother’s Day cards from them.

One particular holiday proved to be more difficult than any other Mother’s Day in the past though. A son had moved to Norway, but another son had slipped right through her fingers.

Jason always shared a meal with his mom on Wednesday nights. After one particular dinner together, Mary hugged him extra tight and the tears began to flow.

“Perhaps it was a mother’s instinct…”

The very next night officers appeared at Mary’s front door. They were there to deliver such shocking news — son Jason had suddenly passed away at age 39.

He had suffered a severe heart attack — no one knew that he had high blood pressure and an abnormally large heart. Fondly called the gentle giant, Jason towered over most others at 6’6 but was the sweetest kid around.

So as the first Mother’s Day loomed without a son nearby, Mary had a heavy heart. She tried to convince herself that everything would be okay even though she would not be receiving her beloved Mother’s Day cards from both of her boys as she always had.

“I always looked forward to my Mother’s Day cards, but I knew I’d be missing one.”

Four years later, Mother’s Day didn’t get any easier, so Mary decided to distract herself by cleaning out a basement closet. It was full of games and a bunch of boxes.

That’s when she discovered her very own “Godwink.” A Godwink is when divine intervention occurs and brings a person hope and encouragement.

As Mary riffled through a box of magazines, she stumbled across a mysterious envelope addressed to the local newspaper. She opened it up and instantly burst into tears.

Watch the video below and see what Mary discovered in the envelope that left her sobbing and how her Mother’s Day would never be the same again.