4 Sons Think Their Selfies Are Clever Only To Have Their Moms Get The Last Laugh


The Response They Got

When four young men went to a Dodger’s baseball game, they thought it would be sweet to send their mothers a selfie of them together having a great time. Little did they know, the four mothers were together and in the mood to have some fun!

Without warning, their mothers sent a selfie back to their boys. It wasn’t like any normal selfie, though!


Totally Nailed It

The clever women posed in the exact same fashion as their sons – down to the direction of their baseball caps and the drinks in their hands!


They Win The “Funny Mom” Award

If you look at their faces, hand placements and the smiles on their faces, these moms are one goofy bunch! The men are lucky to have such fun, spunky mothers in their lives!