30 hilarious dogs that might look intimidating but are secretly fraidy cats

Dogs have sharp claws, sharp teeth, and have scary growls — they are absolutely terrifying creatures. Yeah, right.

Some dogs might look big and tough, but deep down? They’re huge babies who can be afraid of the smallest critter or thing that comes in their path. Don’t believe us? We have proof.

These are 30 dogs with a supposedly “tough” exterior — but, inside, their nothing but softies.

Hope these weren’t your security dogs…

1. It’s this big boy’s first time on an airplane. The eyes say it all.

2. Because nothing is scarier than four fluffy, adorable kittens.

3. In this dog’s defense, robots are scary. Even if they’re vacuums.

4. Notice the little dog who seems to be oblivious to whatever is happening.

5. Keep in mind that this dog is 85 pounds, and the kitten is 1.5 pounds.

6. You guys, there was a mouse.

7. Again…another mouse.

8. This dog is clearly not a fan of the vet’s office.

9. They were afraid the new cat would be afraid of the dog. Turns out, it couldn’t be more opposite.

10. “The lawnmower is scary, so I’ll just be over here.”

11. We have a feeling road trips aren’t this guy’s favorite thing in the world.

12. Let’s just keep the vacuum away from dogs, okay?

13. It’s her birthday. She’s not happy about it.

14. The sweet boy didn’t want to talk down the mountain. It looks like a sneaky ploy to us.

15. Vacuums = dogs’ number one enemy.

16. Bridges are scary, it doesn’t matter what anyone says.

17. Any guesses? Yep, the vacuum.

18. Also, kittens. Kittens are terrifying. Even for a giant Saint Bernard.

19. Other dogs were in the store so…I panicked.

20. “He was sleeping, when a car backfiring scared him, and he accidently ran into the pool.”

21. This little puppy is scared of the dark hallway. She waits patiently if her owners go to the bathroom.

22. The cuddle spot has been taken.

23. This old dog is not a fan of the new addition.

24. Pretty much a dog’s worst nightmare.

25. It took this dog’s owners 20 minutes to find him after a thunderstorm.

26. Chopping wood? Also terrifying.

27. “When you don’t have a doggy gate at work but your dog is 100% afraid of electronics.”

28. Many people share this same fear of birds.

29. This 200-pound pup heard a chainsaw outside. Their owner had to comfort her.

30. A car wash is far too traumatizing for this dog.

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