13 gorgeous before and after photos that show the beauty of fall transformations

Now that summer is finally over, Fall is upon us once again.

Though everyone has a favorite season of their own, there’s something particularly special about autumn. While anyone living on the coast may not see as pronounced of a change as those in the middle of the country, those fortunate enough can take time out of their day to see the leaves change color and enjoy a cool breeze. Still, the season shows itself differently in different parts of the world.

With that in mind, here are 13 incredible before and after Fall transformations.

1. This cottage in North Wales.

Though the house pictured here was quaint and beautiful before, the changing leaves make the entire thing seem like it’s on fire.

2. Central Park in New York City.

Though Central Park is always iconic, there’s something even more romantic about it when the leaves start to change colors.

3. Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan.

If you needed another reason to visit Japan, here’s another to add to your list.

4. The Glenfinnan Aqueduct in Scotland.

After the surrounding greenery has all turned dry and orange, Scotland starts to look like an entirely different country.

5. Capitol Creek Valley in Colorado.

Colorado is known as one of America’s most scenic states. If you look closely, you can still see some of that lush green still hanging on in the second picture!

6. Kilchurn Castle in Scotland.

The reflection of the vibrant colors from the lake makes the difference here particularly striking.

7. The Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

Hiking and mountaineering fanatics may be familiar with Canada’s Cabot Trail—but they might not know how beautiful it looks in the fall.

8. The Grand Island East Channel Light House in Michigan.

Michigan is somewhat of an untapped resource when it comes to natural beauty. Many areas up north like this one are breathtaking in autumn.

9. Gapstow Bridge in New York.

Gapstow Bridge is another iconic place located in Central Park, New York City. These pictures show just how beautiful it is in the fall.

10. This Japanese maple tree.

No matter what country you find yourself in, it’s hard to admire the local trees as their colors turn from green to red.

11. Forest Lake in Poland.

Taken from above, these photos show the gradual process of the forest turning colors from an unusual perspective.

12. Lake Island in Poland.

From the same photographer, these images capture the same phenomenon—this time on a nearby little island!

13. This ivy-covered apartment building.

Finally, even the most mundane of buildings can be made to look beautiful by the fall transformation. These photos were only taken one week apart!

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