10 Years After Losing Kids In Tsunami, Parents’ Lives Change Forever Upon Seeing Strange Photo

The family’s story is the working of a miracle. Over ten years ago, a massive tsunami slammed the coasts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. The natural disaster left over 200,000 people devastated by the loss of friends, family and all of their livelihood. In fact, this 2004 tsunami was one of the worst recorded in the recent decades. The Rangkuti family of Aceh, Indonesia was one of those families – and they share one of the most unlikely and amazing stories.

Septi and Jamaliah Rangkuti had three children. When the tsunami hit, they witnessed two of them being swept out to sea. They could only conclude that their daughter, only four years old at the time, had been claimed by the tsunami – yet they held onto hope. They searched for her among thousands of refugees, but soon, over ten years had passed. It was then that they heard news from a relative that ignited the small flame of hope they held.

They could hardly believe that they might really see their daughter and son again. But that’s why this story is truly astonishing, and it’s told directly from Septi and her family. Watch their story below to witness their incredible reunion. “God has given us a miracle,” Septi said. “My heart beat so fast when I saw her!” Only a few years after the family’s story was filmed, the Rangkuti family’s son was reunited with them too. Watch this video below and be lifted up by this family’s well-deserved miracle!