10+ Heartwarming Reactions When Rescue Dogs Met Their Humans For The First Time

Dogs are pretty smart. They can sense when they are being adopted and taken into a forever home. Dogs are so emotionally sensitive that some of them seem as if they know they are meeting the person who is going to love them unconditionally forever.

When some dogs are adopted, they just seem to have a look of peace and happiness on their faces when they first meet their new humans.

It’s almost like they know they are going to be OK and loved, cherished, and maybe even spoiled forever. Meeting their human for the first time is kind of a big deal and some have captured just how special that moment is in these photographs.

1) Is It Possible For This Dog to Be Any Happier”

Not with that goofy grin.

2) Nose Kisses

I love your nose and you.

3) I Get a Kid

I get a new home and it comes with a kid! Can you believe this!?!

4) Soothe Me New Daddy

Misson to soothe is successful!

5) You…

I think I’m gonna like you!

6) Are You My Daddy?

Because we look like we have the same head.

7) You’re Cozy

Can we do this a lot? Can this be our thing?

8) I Think We’re Gonna Make a Great Team

They may even both be 1/16 Cherokee with that beautiful hair the dog has.

9) I Don’t Even Know What to Say

I’m truly speechless here folks.

10) I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends

We can play outside and run and jump and play catch. I can walk you to school every day, then I’ll just be there waiting when you get home. Then we can play outside, and, run, and jump, and, and, and, and…

11) I Just Feel Cozy and At Home Here With You Guys


12) I’m Going to Go Everywhere With You

We’re going to be like two peas in a pod.

13) Can You Just Carry Me Home?

And never let me go? Like never ever ever let me go? K, thanks!

14) Ya Know Ya Don’t Smell That Bad Either

I think… I think I like you. I think I could get used to this. Your smell… it pleases me.

15) And He’s Handsome?

So, not only do I get to live with him but I get to give him all the kisses I want? This is awesome! This is freakin’ awesome!

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